Week One in Austin

We’ve been in Austin for a few days, and while this area is having unseasonably cold, near-freezing temperatures, it’s still better than the -15 I’m seeing up in Canada right now. We did some tempo work on Tuesday along the river, a bunch of easy running, and we’ll be doing some track work later today.

So far my favorite part about Austin has been all the different food choices. My day essentially consists of 15% working out and 85% choosing where I’ll be having my next meal. The best/worst part about where our rental house is located is the fact that it’s next to a trailer that serves gourmet doughnuts, covered in brownies and peanut butter and candy and all sorts of stuff. Sure, maybe eating one might negate some of the effects of the days workout, but a happy runner is a fast runner.

Here’s a video we made that shows what a typical day in Austin’s been like. Once the rest of the crew gets here next week, we’ve got some big workouts planned, and I’ll be putting some footage together from that.

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