Week 2 in Austin- With House Tour

We’re two weeks into this training camp, and everything continues to move along in the right direction. Workouts have been going well, we’ve continued to explore some of Austin’s best restaurants, and we’ve recently decided to re-watch all the Entourage episodes in the spirit of the upcoming movie.

Going into a trip like this, everyone talks about how easy it is to train hard, do all the little things like drills, eating correctly, etc. Yes, while this has proven to be true, they failed to mention the inevitability that you get absolutely fed up with everyone that you live with, for the most minute and insignificant reasons. On a smaller scale, this is probably what it feels like moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time. No matter how well you know and like somebody, you’re bound to find something that annoys you about the way they live.

This weeks video starts with a snippet of one of the many petty arguments we’ve had so far. Other notable and equally pointless arguments include Anthony and I debating whether the best US high school football team could beat Guelph’s team. Another good one was Anthony arguing that it was totally fine to eat half an apple and put it back in the fridge. One afternoon, there was all sorts of tension when Nixon took the liberty to blast rap music while people were trying to nap. Everyones got such a short fuse, especially when our only energy release happens during workouts, that these arguments seem to be happening with more and more frequency.

In other news, I’m all set to open my season in New York at the New Balance games next weekend. I’m both excited and apprehensive about it- excited because I haven’t raced in what seems like forever, but that’s also exactly what makes me nervous. Nonetheless, I’m hungry and can’t wait to get 2015 underway!

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